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Peritus Entreprenør AS was founded in March 2014. The foundation was based on the idea that our affection for high quality and reliability can help our clients and make us a good partner in construction. We recruit a number of employees with good knowledge and long time experience, especially within renovation and refurbishment. Based on skilled staff, Peritus has managed to build up a solid position within renovation and refurbishment of commercial buildings in a very short time.

In our projects and operations we focus very much on understanding the ideas and target of our customers and meeting the requirements with reliability, flexibility, high quality standard and not the least meeting the deadlines. A key factor during project progress is to ensure good communication on all levels of building site securing common understanding of scope and targets.

For the next up-coming years we aim at growing the company considerably also in both complexity and size of projects as a natural consequence of being part of Merko Ehitus group. Peritus will continue to perform as a Norwegian construction company, according to high standards of the Norwegian market and take advantage of both the wide experience, high level of competence and financial strength that Merko group represents.

From March 2016 the ownership of Peritus is 56 % Merko Ehitus AS and 44 % the Norwegian founders of Peritus.

Pecunia Eiendom holds a few major principles: plain, quick and with high quality in all our business. It is therefore important that those who are performing construction in our properties, acknowledge and work according to the same principles. Peritus Entreprenør AS with its staff has wide experience within rehabilitation and re-building of offices and commercial areas. They have delivered projects with the quality and the expectations we appreciate the most; the right quality to the right price and on time. Per Erik Fjeld, Pecunia AS

Peritus delivers high quality on time – they are flexible in projects and always oriented to solutions. Good partner for co-operation. Hanne Margrethe Hjermann, IARK, partner

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