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As part of Merko Group Peritus offers and carries out projects in a much larger and complex scale. This is possible through wide access to both the high level of competence and long experience that Merko have achieved in 25 years.

Still we do benefit from our experience within renovation projects where often technical challenges are solved as they occur at the building site. These projects are often performed while other areas of the site are in normal commercial use.

Our approach to projects is: PLAN and BUILD. From almost every angle looking at a construction project there is no doubt that the best way to secure success for both client and constructor are:

Complete design – Planning Construction – Performing construction 



We offer construction of different buildings, including commercial and office buildings, retail and entertainment centres, public sector buildings such as offices, kidergartens, schools, medical facilities as well as residential projects and specialised industrial buildings.


We perform almost all kind of renovation works for commercial, residential and public buildings, starting from defined limited areas to complete renovation from basic structure to a complete new building. We have high level of experience in performing renovation works while the building is in use and operating.


In residential construction we offer different solutions from detached houses, row-houses and different solutions of modular buildings from 10-50 units up to bigger blocks with  50-200 apartments.




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